General and specialized contractor for commercial, industrial and residential projects. We have at heart our customer’s satisfaction since 2001. Our team accompanies you throughout your construction, or renovation project.

The trust that our customers put in us is precious, that’s why we treat them with great respect. Quality is our leitmotiv and we offer sustainable solutions meeting the industry’s standards. Novisol Surfaces Inc., it is more than 18 years of experience and devotion to our clients located in the greater metropolitan area. Your satisfaction is our greatest achievement!

What's a general contractor?

A general contractor holds a license from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) and acts as a project manager during a given project. He is in charge of planning and coordinating the project, and has the capacity to ensure a smooth flow of work between the various professionals on site, between the electrician, the plumber and the designer for instance.

The general contractor has specific knowledge related to the field of construction, allowing efficient management procedures to take place.

Entrepreneur général

What are the advantages of hiring a general contractor?

Time efficiency

Proper budget management

Smooth execution of your project